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Wedding & Homecoming of Shanthika & Dayan

Wedding of Shanthika & Dayan held in Negombo , Sri Lanka. The couple shoot was done at Dolphin hotel in Wennapuwa. Native Tribe Studios captured both video and photography on their lovely occasion. Call us on 0773425155 or for any information


We always like to do something creative with the rings. Here we found a coconut leave wall just for that task. We alway make sure we don't repeat the same work we do for the rings shoot

The right amount of makeup is essential if you want your wedding day memories to be good. This bride had just the right touch on her and her features and beauty was proven in every image Native Tribe Studios took of her

Its always nice to choose your bride's maid either your own sister or your sister from another mother :)  They understand you and they will make you feel comfortable in everyway

Adding natural flowers for your bridal bouquet is always a good idea. It might be expensive but hey...its just one day - and its your big day. But if you are really unable to add natural flowers then go for more an authentic set of plastic or synthetic flowers. And yes, this makes the flower girl look more cuter too :)

Catching reflections is always a cute idea as long as the water is shallow and not disturbed. If there is a under water pump going on, itsa good idea to switch it off for a few minutes to take this kind of a clear sharp reflection photo

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