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Destination Wedding of Barnabas & Andrea

This lovely couple was captured at the Negombo beach. The couple ordered a VIP storybook with glass printed top with 80 pages of loving memories. The shoot ended with a nice trash the dress session.

The time was around 9am , lovely clear blue sky. But we do advice our wedding couples to start early as there is less harsh sunlight

The couple was fun and free. They didn't care about their dress or any other materialistic possessions. They only cared about each other and their love
The bride had a lovely wedding dress and it was with lots of nice details.
They soon went into the beach for their trash the dress session. Its actulay a custom to showcase their commitment to each other

Its so cute to enjoy a walts right in the middle of the beach isnt it?
They just love the sand. One of the main reasons why Sri Lanka see many destination weddings is because we have lovely beaches around us.