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Loving Moments of Michelle & Lasantha

Homecoming photography of Michelle & Lasantha by Native Tribe Studios. Images were captured at Diyawanna Oya, Rajagiriya and Interdependence Square, Colombo. If anyone is planning to shoot at Diyawanna oya on a weekend, please be cautious that it is too crowded after 3pm. There will be issues when it comes to parking as well. This lovely couple was flexible enough to move their couple shoot to Indipendence sqaure due to that cause. But Independence square can be too crowded on weekends too

These two are among the most desirable couples on Native Tribe's cameras ever! They gave us plenty of perfect portraits

She is reviewing her feast

Complacence is a net of love that captures souls. 

Love is the greatest refreshment in a life.

An appropriate pair. 

Marriage is not loosing freedom, it is sharing freedom with another
Naive Tribes never miss natural instants. It's a consummate smile on her face.

Life is a journey, and love is what makes that journey worthwhile.
She gave him her best winsome smile in our shoot at Diyawanna Oya.
Sri Lankas favorite wedding photographers
A smashing picture. Native Tribes always love quit natural background.
A fulgent bride
Sri Lankas favorite wedding photographers
Another marvelous appear at Independence Square.
Sri Lankas favorite wedding photographers
"You are my spiritual balminess" 
An artistic pose of the couple at Independence Square in Colombo.
It is a fascinating capture by Native Tribes! They take best pictures at best places.