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Homecoming of Dominic & Shihara

Native Tribe Studios were proud to be part of Shihara &  Dominic’s homecoming. They were a lovely couple who had their couple shoot at Jetwing Lagoon. Month prior to this shoot we had their private session photo-shoot done as well. For a lovely stress free wedding or homecoming shoot – talk to us on 0773425155 or mail us on info@native-tribe.com

Shihara tries to hide a giggle as she poses for her portrait whilst Gayan tries to burst her into laughter. We love naturel moments as such and it is our guarantee that we capture them
This is the favorite shot we took of this lovely bride. Her husband later ordered many enlargements, framed pics of this pose. Once again we have used available light thus making the bride look more natural

The lovely bride – Shihara was a naturel poser with a naturel smile which lights up the room. She was one of the most friendliest brides we photographed as well

We have a habit of using natural light as much as possible. This captures natural colors and beauty of the couple than forced flash on them. This is done with ease but with patience. This is our secret of taking wedding day photos dramatically.

The couple was always cheerful during their shoot. One of the reason being that the session was stressful. Even though they finished their wedding few days ago and a tiring honeymoon they are still live and kicking as possible.
This image was later used as their framed picture for their house as well. We present a large sized framed picture compared to other professionals in the Island. for more information on wedding day shoot or your homecoming shoot, talk to us on 0773425155 or email us on info@native-tribe.com

We always like to do a personalized and unique ring shoot with every couple we meet. Habit of recycling the same idea with different couple is not a good idea. This is because the world is getting smaller and we are bound to bump into the couples we shot their wedding very often

Once again Shihara bursts into laughter as Dominic makes her laugh. The couple was very free and happy during the shoot and they loved every minute of it. For a stress free, happy wedding day shoot or a homecoming shoot talk to Native Tribe Studios on 0773425155 or email us on info@native-tribe.com

The couple takes a walk down the lovely green pathway in the hotel. Its very beautiful when we get to blend in naturel colors and landscape

A wedding day or homecoming day shoot is supposed to be dramatic and photo-journalistic as possible. That’s why we give the total freedom to the couple to do what they want . As we believe that its “their day”. Here we see a light moment where Dominic does a quick waltz with his lovely wife – Shihara on their homecoming shoot