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Destination Wedding of Matej & Polona

Newly married Matej & Polona takes a stroll down the beaches of +Hikkaduwa - Sri Lanka after their simple and sweet wedding.  Sri Lanka's premier destination wedding photographer - +Native Tribe Studios were happy and proud to be part of their big day
Sri Lanka's Destination Wedding Photographer Native Tribe Studios

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Once again it is time to trash your dress and tell the whole world you are committed to your marriage. We see this tradition with many destination weddings Native Tribe Studios does.
A simple and elegant blue shirt with his favorite +Ray-Ban shades and the groom is all set for his big day. Destination weddings are best captured with +Native Tribe Studios 
You may now kiss the bride! - under the perfect sun on the smooth beach of +Hikkaduwa - Sri Lanka .  The arch was made out of fresh flowers and +Native Tribe Studios  always love to capture these moments and details with passion
Every wedding is a day of celebrating the love of each other. Its also a day they start a new journey.
The couple poses with happiness
This is no ordinary makeup artist. This is Ms.Stasa who is also their wedding planner and event coordinator
Trashing the dress will have lots of meaning. It might be a symbol of saying "no more"and showing your commitment .Here we witness trashing the dress at it's best as the couple trash their dress in the beautiful beach of +Hikkaduwa 

As seen on our other posts, we always do something creative with the rings. But i guess the couple did something themselves already
Hikks Villa has a mirror right in the middle of their sandy garden and +Native Tribe Studios were more than happy to make some use of it

You rather wear a paid of shades than constraining your eyes in the harsh sun light. Constraining your eye makes the snaps looks odd to. Yes, this is +Native Tribe Studios words of wisdom
Calm before the storm. Her lovely dress for the day is seen whilst shes doing her final touchup
A Wedding planner
Wedding planner Ms.Stasa adding the final touches to the lovely bride
Hippo Pose
They called it the "hippo pose"
Smiling Sandwich
Everything about this wedding was a smile. Including the sandwich
Destination Wedding Kiss
You may now kiss the bride - TAKE 2 :) the couple enjoys a nice glass of champagne to celebrate them exchanging vows
This couple was one of the cutest couples we ever met. They were humble, they were fun and all they wanted to do is to have a meaningful wedding day and +Native Tribe Studios happy to be part of their big day

Wedding jewelery
Its hard to be simple yet elegant. Its the eye and the heart the couple should have when they choose their wedding day jewelery. And +Native Tribe Studios always have a high regard to the couple who comes with the most loveliest jewelery
Another good way to have the perfect Sri Lankan wedding is to enjoy the favorite Sri Lankan spirits. We are talking about the refreshing "thambili". Disclaimer :: We are not encouraging on alcohol and we respect the current laws of Sri Lanka on display of alcohol and smoking
The couple had the final shoot in the swimming pool , a good excuse to ease off the heat too :) +Native Tribe Studios was more than happy to capture these intimate moments
Simple and arty wedding decor always shows your personality