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Wedding Photography of Dhilukshini & Johan

Native Tribe Studios were proud to be part of this lovely couple's big day. The wedding shoot took place at the residence of the bride. Native Tribe Studios captured these lovely memories by wedding photography and wedding videography. The Wedding started off with their lovely detailed mass at the Cathedral of Christ the Living Savior in Colombo. 

Native Tribe Studios

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A fresh flower bouquet always brings out the freshness of the bride and the wedding. But make sure its not too heavy carry around. Always ensure you try out some samples before you order your bridal bouquet 
Beautiful bride, Dhilukshini's 1st portrait at the couple shoot they had with +Native Tribe Studios 
The lovely wedding couple observed the church mass with lots of concentration and faith
Native Tribe Studios
+Native Tribe Studios always like to capture the couple in natural environment. What you see right here was a over grown old Cyprus tree bush and we decided to put them in the middle.
Native Tribe Studios
Handsome groom Johanne poses for the 1st time with +Native Tribe Studios 
The couple receives the final blessing at the wedding ceremony
Unveiling of the beautiful bride. Finally the time has come to show the world how beautiful she looks on her special day
A beautiful capture by +Native Tribe Studios of the beautiful bride signing on the forms
This is what +Native Tribe Studios are good at - capturing natural moments as possible. This was a light argument of whose posing from where :)
This image looks very authentic because we used available light which something +Native Tribe Studios always likes to do at their wedding shoots
We always make it a point to use the natural setting around us. Specially using trees and it's elements during the shoot. It ads color and sense of nature to the images
A lovely antique doorway in the middle of the garden. Its rare you get such beautiful settings during a shoot. Once again, this was no park - this was her residence :)
The bride poses with her loving brother. The happiness reflects from their smiles

Native Tribe Studios were happy to be part of her big day. This bride was just gorgeous
The couple enjoying a light chat while we were looking for the best angle to capture them
I do!!!! says Dhilukshi during their lovely wedding ceremony and mass in Colombo
Portraits of beautiful brides is always a pleasure when they are free and cooperative such as this beautiful bride

Using natural backdrops such as this tree element is always nice as it adds more color for the shoot. These trees were over 5 decades old
The groom seen enjoying a pleasant conversation with one of the bestmen
The beautiful bride taking a break from carrying the bouquet for hours :)