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Wedding Moments of Gayani & Gayashan

The rain gods did not do much justice to this couple but they were bold and brave. A super symbol of their future that they will go beyond their obstacles :-)
Family members and friends of Gayani and Gayashan were pleasured great at their wedding and they all wished best luck for their future to make their marriage life successful.

We always try to make wedding shoots as fun and relaxing. We are lucky enough to work with such a joyful couple who made their wedding day so much entertained.

So many enjoyable aspects to the day.Such a great couple to share the day with as they were so animated and Native Tribe Studios were happy to work with such a great couple.

 Bridesmaids were the lovely aspects of the wedding day who gave their maximum contribution to make the day so much colorful.They wore beautiful and unique wedding dresses where the designs were customized perfectly to suit the theme of the day.

His facial expressions show us that he is lucky enough. His dream of getting married with the one who loved most has come true.

The groom always smiles proudly because he's convinced he's accomplished something quite wonderful. The bride smiles because she's been able to convince him of it.

She is with a fine prospect of happiness behind her. Becuase she is going to be with his love forever in life.

They were really such a adorable couple who celebrated their lovely day so much wonderful and Native Tribe Studios captured their romantic incident of being loved

Gayani and Gayashan wanted their friends and family to not simply attend a wedding, but to have an experience. An experience they would remember the rest of their lives.So they all worked for it and it became a success

They are crazy in love, they are amazing partners, and they have fun together.They are also extremely thoughtful and loving people

Gayani was pretty nice to look at for two hours straight, with her amazing eyes and smile,and that stunner of a dress

There aren’t many brides who could keep a smile on their face, or maintain selflessness, during a day like this.But Gayani was an example of perfect grace

Gayani and Gayashan have a unique, quirky relationship. Everything is funny, all the time, but everything is also very sentimental, and tender

The obvious happiness in their ceremony photos proves that nothing was going to put a blemish on their day

We were clicking away at every moment and this was one of our favorite photo of the day

There were lifetime of memories and this was one of the most intimate wedding we had the pleasure of shooting

The ceremony was filled with emotion and happy tears

One of the moment of their wedding which reflects that they did not forget our Sinhalese traditional practices

It may be hard for a mother to bear up the separation of her beloved loving daughter

We were moved  by their continuous smiles and affectionate touches and we saw a very deep, strong connection between them

She has one of the biggest and brightest smiles eve

Most of all, she has a deep and passionate love for her friends, family and especially her new husband

Gayani was an example of perfect grace – happy and grateful for the good things she had been given, and not the least bit resentful that she didn’t get the perfect day she had envisioned

Beautiful girls can be intimidating, but not this girl. Gayani is unassuming, loving and warm

Gayashan , as always calls her, is his quiet counterpart – stunningly beautiful, loyal, supportive, and always up for whatever he wants to get into

They have chosen one of the most beautiful location we've ever seen for their wedding.

They also planned lots of surprise entertainment for their guests

Gayani and Gayashan began loving, and it quickly turned into an intense, devoted relationship. So they became inseparable, and started envisioning a day in the distant future when they might make it official as husband and wife

It was just a one day. But there were lifetime of memories

Gayani doesn’t exactly have a filter – she loves to laugh and she will tell it like it is, in her own wonderful way

We have never seen a more beautiful or romantic setting for a wedding and we were clicking away at every single moment. But they seemed to not even notice we were there

It is an absolute dream to photograph there, especially when you have a bride and groom so full of joy and so clearly head over heels for one another

Although Gayani and Gayashan were some of the most physically beautiful people we’ve ever met, they were equally as beautiful on the inside

Gayani may be one of the felicitous bride coz she had the perfect match. Gayashan was perfectly matched for her in their ideas and as well as in action

Gayani and Gayashan, besides being beautiful people, are also stylish, hilarious, and full of personality

The moment the mother of the bride saw her daughter for the last time as a single girl. It was really a emotional moment

This wedding had lots of tears, lots of laughs, and some unique tidbits we will carry with us the rest of our lives. 
    And I can say with confidence that these two special people are going to be remarkable for +Native Tribe Studios .