Wedding Moments of Samindhi & Dhanushka by Native Tribe Studios | Sri Lankan Wedding Photographers & Cinematographers

Wedding Moments of Samindhi & Dhanushka by Native Tribe Studios

Wedding shoot of Samindhi & Dhanushka at Cinnamon Grand in Colombo by sri Lanka's brightest wedding photographers ; Native Tribe Studios.

A natural capture!
Handsome pose of bridesmaids.
"Which are more valuable? Diamonds or Golds?"
      " No. For me its your love"
Child is the personification of true love. Soft,calm and pure.
Samindhi was excellent at all time.
Native Tribes make sensitive moments unforgettable.
"I love you! Remember. Even you can't change it"
Marriage is the bond of caring.
A dazzling lady.
Dhanushka treats Native Tribe's cameras marvelously in his every shot.
Native Tribe studios never forget to capture gorgeous bridesmaids.
These two angels did a great job for our photographs.
"Your cute smile attracted me to you."
Superb pic! Whole gang is posing extremely well.
A pleased best man.
A personable look.
This couple was so lucky to share their amazing day with Native Tribes
"A boat needs a river to keep floating and I need you for my heart to keep beating."
A pure love gives light to both souls.
Look their faces! It's the glad in their minds on the big day.
The first lady of his wold
A Brilliant picture.
A perfect picture! Attractive background at Cinnamon Grand increases the beauty of the couple.
Nice pose of the couple. Nice environment at Cinnamon Grand. Nice camera view from Native Tribes. Everything is absolutely perfect
Lovely pose with Mr.Bandu Samarasinghe.
Dhanushka made the right decision at the correct time. It's the beginning of life journey of two sweet hearts.
Cute smile on both faces.
The two tuneful souls.
Bridesmaids helped well to our photography in this big event at Cinnamon Grand.
Mr.& Mrs. Dhanushka climbing steps with their companions.
An attractive photo.
Another good capture of the day.
"Were you made of honey? Coz you are the sweetest person I have ever met"
Native Tribe Studios always stand with the world best photography.
All four were significant on that day.
The little queen is surrounded by three angles.
"It's funny how time flies by. We met, we dated, got engaged and now are getting married. It's so far"
Superb indoor shoot at Cinnamon Grand in Colombo.
A great colour combination!
Both Samindhi & Dhanushka always gave us extremely natural pics
Face gives us a clear image of her heart. How much was she happy on her special day?
"You are mine. You are not belong to anyone else for a moment. But to me forever"
A cute picture of a bridesmaid.
Flowers signifies the pure love.
Natural smile on her face.
Beauty of the bride emphasized with the natural background at Cinnamon Grand.
An enchanting girl.
One of the best pictures of the big day.
"I want everyone to meet you. You're my favorite"
True love is caring, giving & sharing.  
An ideal picture by Native Tribe Studios.
It was a really pleasurable day for them as their own.
A nice capture of Samindhi.
It's the wonderful start of their lives.
It is outstanding. All four ladies are charming.