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Homecoming of Samindhi & Dhanushka by Native Tribe Studios

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This lovely couple had their homecoming day shoot at the Cinnamon Grand Colombo, Sri Lanka

Samindhi and Dhanushka – a lovely couple and it was very easy to work with them.

That moment was absolutely lovely – the emotion and excitement they were feeling was spread in the air!

A great couple, both of whom being very artistic.

They were wonderful and very much in love. That’s their loving moments through Native Tribe Studios...

What else to say – a stunning ceromony in a stunning location!

A wonderful ceromony with a great young couple, full of fun having a ceremony reflecting their traditional backgrounds.

Dhanushka was very lucky.. coz he had choosen the right person to live his life. Samindhi was perfectly matched for her.

We were able to capture some beautiful moments that are probably some of our favorites from this year and Native Tribe Studios were proud to work with such a lovely couple.

We were capturing every single moment of their occasion.. They even don't know we were their capturing their romantic incidents.

We hope you can relive their strong and unforgettable emotions through our eyes…

It was a real pleasure to be the photographer for this beautiful occasion at Cinnomon Grand, Colombo.

The day was particularly poignant for Samindhi, as it was to be her last day living with her parents.

This was the last day of Samindhi as a single girl before she start her new married life with Dhanushka.

She was a really nice girl in her figure as well as in action. So she was the perfect match for Dhanushka. 

The weather contrasts throughout the day made for a great variety of photographs.

A date even more important to Samindhi and Dhanushka who have chosen as the setting for their big day on Cinnomon Grand, Colombo.

Both Samindhi and Dhanushka wanted their wedding day to be all about the details.

Wish you all the best to this wonderful and amazing couple by Native Tribe Studios!!