Wedding of Natali & Rudy by Native Tribe Studios | Sri Lankan Wedding Photographers & Cinematographers

Wedding of Natali & Rudy by Native Tribe Studios

The wedding shoot of Natali & Rudy at Independence Arcade in Colombo by Sri Lanka's most talented photographers ; Native Tribe Studios.

"Among thousands of eyes I found you special."
In her smile I see something more bewitching than the stars
Bride's beauty highlighted in the natural background of Independence Arcade
A lovely pose of the lady to Native Tribe cameras at her big day
"Come with me, now my world opens to you."
"Our love is outstanding. All huge towers are below to our long love." Huge buildings at Independence Arcade depicts their life long love.
"No more you live distant to me coz now you are my entire soul."
Two sweet hearts , One long journey.
A perfect capture of the flawless coupe by Sri lanka's favourite wedding photographers.  
Bridesmaids ; a definite role in Sri Lankan weddings add an additional beauty to the moment.
Native Tribe camera eyes don't forget to capture the beauty of bridesmaids. 
The personable gentleman treats our cameras superbly
The pretty lady emphasized 
"Step by step you reached to me. Now you owned my whole life."
"Life is a puzzle. You are the right path of my unsolved puzzle."
All six extreme beauties in a single capture.
 Flowers are the ever symbol of Sri lankan weddings, It's the image of pure love. 

Native Tribe Studios always stand with the world best photography.
Perfect as much as our pretty couple. Native Tribe Studios didn't miss their beauty. 
The enchanting lady is dreaming her future life plans.
Loneliness vanished, happiness begins
Picture of perfect natural smile. Native Tribe never mis a single moment.
An awesome pose of the couple .

One of the best picture of sweet couple with the other companions.
A cheerful girl! Bride's attractiveness highlighted in in-dor shots taken at Independence Arcade
"Let's start together ; it's our new life."
The charming lady.
Keeping sweet memories of the big day at Independence Arcade in Colombo 
The two little angles are chatting .
The Princess of his kingdom.
A pleasant shot by Native Tribe's cameras.
"I never loved you any more than I do, right this second. And I will never love you any less than I do, right this second."
Natural beauty of the girl was captured. 
Love is a promise, love is a souvenir once given never forgotten
Mr & Mrs climbing the steps in Independence Arcade
Attractive smiles on both faces recreates the gladness in their mind.
A lovely conversation. It may about our pretty couple
This beloved couple was so lucky to make their big day unforgettable with Sri Lanka's premier photographers ; Native Tribe Studios.  
"You are my ideal woman."

Very big beginning of a very long journey. Not alone; with her lovely hubby. 
"You are the object of my affection."
"At the end my dreams became true as I expected."
Superb environment in Independence Arcade make the beauty twice. Native Tribes always take you to the best place.