Homecoming of Niluka & Sandheep by Native Tribe Studios | Sri Lankan Wedding Photographers & Cinematographers

Homecoming of Niluka & Sandheep by Native Tribe Studios

This lovely shoot was done in The Wallawwa by Native Tribe Studios

Today is a very special day. So let?s capture this moment together & save it forever.

From this day forward you shall not walk along. My heart will be your shelter and my arms will be your home. 

Love is when I look into your eyes and see your heat sweetheart.

Gorgeous, stunning, elegant and everything.

Such an awesome pose of the beautiful bride.

This is one of the prettiest photos of this album. Good pose... Absolutely stunning dress of the bride..!

She is a proud wife of a wonderful husband.

The stunning natural beauty around the couple captured by Native Tribe Studios.

Native Tribe Studios wishing you a lifetime of love and togetherness?! You too make a sweet couple together.

Awesome posing by niluka & sandheep. The happiness reflects from their cute smiles.

 If every word I said made you smile, I?d talk forever. 

Gentlemen attract the attention of many, but only have eyes for his own lady.

Our sweet bride.

Picture of perfect natural smile.

The princess of his kingdom.

You are perfect together.

It is amazing how she can make his day absolutely perfect.

Gorgeous bide with thousand dreams.

A natural shot of Mr. handsome. 

When you kiss me with love in your heart, you owned my soul.

Two souls, but a single thought? two hearts that beat as one.

Made for each other. 

A lovely conversation. Captured by Native Tribe?s cameras. 

The person she liked most in the world, from the moment they met.

Cheers to the handsome groom?!

All because two people fell in love. Native Tribe Studios is so lucky to be a part of your big day?!

Sweet bride poses with Native Tribe Studios.

She was very lucky to have such a gentlemen as her husband.

 Native Tribe Studios won?t miss any moment of your big day. And captured groom?s natural smile.

To me you are perfect?!

This is so lovely. These red flowers speak of love silently, in a language known only to the heart.

It was awesome. That was a dream comes true. It was kind of everything we expected and more?.Their wedding party was the day to shine and enjoy the company of lots of family and friend