They enjoyed one another in this beautiful city on their first day as husband and wife, without distractions. 

They were rewarded with moment after moment of love, laughter and that perfect, warm Italian wedding.

When you’re around people you love most, who love you back just as much, anything is possible.

They were one of those couples we feel a strong bond with.

We had an amazing weekend together experiencing Milan, and watching this sweet couple begin their new life together.

The day was filled with amazing memories we’ll all be talking about for years.

When she smiles it’s like an explosion of joy, and everyone around her feels it. 

They look like they stepped right out of a Hollywood movie. 

We had such a great time witnessing this amazing celebration.

They are beautiful to look at, and when they enter a room everyone can’t help but look their way. 

They have a way of lighting up a room and keeping everyone’s attention.

She was really a lovely and amazing bride.

The setting was ideal for amazing sunsets and views.

She is the self-described “quiet” one – beautiful and sweet, caring and warm.

The day was a perfect combination of love and laughs.

She gets a lot of wild and crazy ideas, and He seems to always go along with them, with support and enthusiasm.

Our bride and groom chose to have a simple, small wedding surrounded by only their closest family and friends.

“Every aspect exceeded the high hopes a couple has for a wedding”

They look out for each other, always run ideas by each other, and are always a unit.