Sephra, you were one of the most charming and radiant brides we have had the privilege to

Your Husband, Shahan, obviously agrees with us.

The flowers and accessories just added to the beauty you possess dainty and lovely..

It started off as a pose,

…but ended up thinking happy thoughts.

From every angle, your happiness was obvious..

And it was fun capturing your very mischievous smile.

Even a bit of rain didn’t dim your smile. What a smartly dressed Wedding Party!

You had already begun your wifely duties..Shahan is loving all the attention!

Sephra looked beautiful and her glow of happiness was lightly enhanced with very natural
shades of makeup.

The Groom was busy making last minute calls!

But the Bride… ah, the Bride was busy looking beautiful.

Shehan just couldn’t take his eyes off his beautiful Bride, Sephra.

Hmmm, wonder what he is whispering about?

Oh! He wanted to sweep her off her feet! All in a days’ work for Shehan!

Beauty and symmetry

Take my hand, don’t ever let it go..

No wedding is complete without a group selfie with the Bride!

Shhh… it’s okay if they decorate the car, we can always sneak off on the motorbike!