They ventured the beautiful Unawatuna Beach for their destination wedding.

Native Tribe Studios have been fortunate to shoot their wonderful function.

They got a perfect, sunny day, and Alex got his wish of marrying a beautiful bride. 

It is a beautiful thing to see the love between these two.

Their chemistry and connection just jump right out of these photos.

It was the kind of day everyone wants to have

The day was full of emotion and fun.

It made for a great day that we are still smiling about.

Alex and his lovely bride had all the blessings from the people they love. 

Their function showed honest, deep emotion, happiness bursting at the seams, style, drama and romance.

We feel very lucky to have been there to witness it all.

 That’s the kind of day we love to see.

She is magnetic and mysterious, intriguing, kind and warm-hearted, and a true original.

She looked absolutely ethereal in an antique-white dress and flower crown.

Knowing that she had just met the love of her life.

"I'm the groom and I do what She says...!!"

He was really lucky to have a bride whose whole world is him.

They were both calm and confident as they read their vows to one another.

There's a kind of joy that comes from seeing these two people, who are clearly meant to be, begin a life together.

“The thought was to be romantic with a flirty vibe,”

A beautiful location, emotion that comes from the deepest, most authentic places, and the best party of their life.

Two people, truly in love, captured forever in a series of still images.

They have an ease to their relationship that made their entire day beautiful.

It was the start of a new life that I would guess has only gotten richer since that day.