Nadini and Aqram was such a lovely couple

From this day forward you shall not walk along. My heart will be your shelter and my arms will be your home. 

This was the last day of Nadini as a single girl before she start her new married life with Aqram.

Such a great couple to share the day with as they were so animated and easy to work with. 

The emotion and excitement the spouses were feeling was spread in the air!

They have signed the greatest agreement in the world!!

Weddings like this are not very common – especially such lovely couples and such breath-taking venues!

Their happiness reflects from their cute smiles.

It was a real pleasure for us to be the photographer for this beautiful occasion.

We loved every moment of their day.

It is amazing how she can make his day absolutely perfect.

"If every word I said made you smile, I’d talk forever. "

You too make a sweet couple together. 

They were so natural and full of love for each other.

Our sweet bride with her pretty smile.

She is ready to become a wife by tomorrow!!!

We wish both of you will hold your hands forever...!!!

Anyhow their wedding was a real blast for us.