loving their bouquets. Men are good at it!

clad in their beautiful outfits, these guests captured the keen wedding photographer’s eye.

just because we couldn’t resist photographing these lovely smiles and dance moves. Yet another joyful wedding in Colombo.

ah! The band leader, his mind set with the music he would play at this joyful event.

a second with the bridesmaids.

a dedicated wedding photographer’s moment, a few words about the couple spoken by a beloved friend.

Smile! It’s always in fashion.

our bride and groom sway away to their song.

her first love, her daddy. An emotional moment for everyone at this wedding in Colombo.

polite chit-chats.

dance floor moves.

our bride enjoying her occasion. A delight to every photographer.

dance for the photograph!

cheers! Lovely smiles pretty ladies.

a couple’s moment. Photographic memories captured by top wedding photographers in Colombo.

our couple loved having fun and we loved photographing them.

love under the sun!

the bride and her squad!

and he will never let her fall.

here comes the bride! Memorable moment captured by us wedding photographers of Colombo.

staying true to Sinhalese traditions.

our beautiful bride with the two most important men in her life right beside her.

suit & tie! And the boutonnière. Our charismatic groom was all set and ready for his big day in Colombo and for us observant photographers.

team groom!

 we just love this all-natural pose. 

beautiful wedding photography in Colombo at its height.

let’s join hands and walk together..

and don’t forget the shoes!