And she waits..patiently, anxiously, her heart racing through a mountain of emotions..waiting for that moment that she will cherish forever.

Look at them, happiness written on their faces. The start of the journey of a lifetime and we were proud to have been chosen to capture the special moments of yet another wedding in Colombo.

Where words fail, music speaks.

that first moment on the dance floor.

who else other than the band to instantly uplift the mood, inviting all to the dance floor.

Hold on tight!

dance away, family and friends for life.

just because he still wants to impress her.

ah! They meet, greet, smile, pose and most importantly, didn’t forget to laugh at the candid photographer clicking away.

all about the groom and his men!

let’s pray to stay together forever.

let’s pray to stay together forever.

letting our bride’s beauty speak.

and..he will always be her man!